Mitchell L Peters (darksunlight) wrote,
Mitchell L Peters

A little bit Bocca, A little bit me.

First off, Christmas was fantastic. Nothing bad, all good. Gift wise, wound up with socks, pants, comic book boxes, D&D 4th players guide and two bamboo swords, for practicing our moves. My wife gave me crabs. (They are small and stuffed and will hang from my belt at faire.)

Another gift given to me was Boccas new CD, Goin' South. Now, we didn't manage topick it up this past year cause funds were tight, so this gift was a blessing. But the real blessing was a song I have never heard them do before, and that really speaks to me.

Ren Star:
I'm through with sittin around at my nine to five job,
In a cubicle next to a guy named bob
This life hasn't turned out quite the way I want it to be.
(Tell me what you want)

I wanna dress in tights without any hassle,
Wanna suit of armor to storm the castle,
Wanna find a fair maiden there,or maybe two or three
(Yeah, so whacha need?)

I need a pair of boots that'll survive the rain,
and a big guitar to play in the lane
Geta couple of sidekicks that can even make fun of me.
(So how you gonna do it?)

I'm gonna trade in everything mundane,
I'll even shave my back and change my name!

Cause we alljust wanna be big ren stars,
Driving horse led carriage instead of cars
yelling out huzzah god save the queen
There's plenty of turkey legs to eat!

and we'll hang out with the hottest wenches,
do a show and fill up all the benches
Every Nerd we can find is gonna wind up there
cause you know that they can't get enough of faire-

Well, hey ey i wanna be a ren star

And i guess it's that chorus there that getsto me. Isn't that really every faire goers dream?Get a show, make it popular, be one of those Ren Stars that you see up on stage? Be someone a little bigger then who you are, be someone, well, popular?

I had a little shock this fall. To me, stage shows are celebrities, you know? I mean, they get paid to act/sing/sword fight/entertain, that's what a celebrity IS. They filmed a Movie at MIRF, and Coco, fearless leader of Bocca, she of the wonerfous voice and huge... talent.. was an extra? It was mental WTF moment, cause here's someone who to me is bigger then life, doing the kind of job I wish I could do, and yet, to these Hollywood folk, she just makes another face in the crowd.


Jen and I are attemtping to put together our own stage show, for those who haven't heard. Privateer swordfighting comedy, under the stage name of Arrr Rated. (Name inspired by the Bonnie Lass) We have a script, (going into second rewrite as we speak), we have most of the props (have a couple of lines on combat ready swords) and most importantly, we have the drive. We have the determination, we have the god damn guts to try. I'm hoping to get something this year, but if this one, then for sure next. Hopefully one of the little faires, mayfaire and derbyshire, someplaceto work out the kinks. I havea modest plan, in that five years after our first show, I want to work a big faire, MIRF if possible, but who knows?

This is soemthing I know we can do, and I know we will be good at. I want to be one of the guys people remember, one of the shows the rennies qoute from. I don't care if to the world at large I'm just another face in the crowd. If i can be the guy that little kids go home and pretend to be, even if it's only for a couple minutes before they forget me? I'll be a happy man. Hey, hey, I wanna be a Ren Star.
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