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The Raven Chronicles [entries|friends|calendar]
Mitchell L Peters

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[07 Sep 2011|03:28pm]
http://www.renaissancefestivalmusic.com/awards/ Hey everyone! Vote for 'Just Happy to Be Here' as 'Best Non-Musical Comedy Act!' It's a long shot, but why not?
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[15 Feb 2010|02:33am]
So, somebody made a livejournal game. Panfandom. Of the SCP. (which is a site I'm and Admin of. Creepy Pasta stuff, go check it out at http://scp-wiki.wikdot.com ))

They're using the characters myself and others created, because they're canon to the SCP. Letting other people app them.

I have NO idea how I feel about this.
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[28 Oct 2009|04:03am]
Have you ever had the feeling that you're on a tour bus, in the swiss alps,descending a steep, curvy road, when suddenly, the driver clutches his chest, and collapses, his foot against the gas peddle, and you, being the good person you are, lunge for the wheel, only to be crushed between the driver and the 500 pound foreign gentleman who had the same idea as you, only he just had a heart attack, and can't move, and you hit the breaks, somehow, but they're broken, and the gaggle of nuns with the 12 newborns in the back are screaming as a flotilla of penguins hit the windshield but some shrill harpy is grabbing your arm and preventing you from using the wipers because'penguins are endangered' and you try to tell her 'so are we' or some other action quip, but you can't because a killer bee just flew into your mouth and you can't make any noise or he'll sting you, which is when you notice that your pants have fallen around your ankles, you're going commando, and a dutch transvestite midget is attempting to set your pubic hair on fire, while the nuns are busy critquing the exact size and shape of your genitalia which is when you realise that, through the penguins, you can see a 747 piloted by Paris Hilton bearing down on you, towing the wreckage of the titanic behind it, and you also seem to have a persistant cough that just will not go away?

Well, have you?

I have, if you remove everything but the cough.
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[15 Aug 2009|03:08am]
So, an AU bar has been started up. Where you characters have to be AU. Well, to get my juices flowing, figure out who I want to app, I'm gonna go through my journal list, see what I can come up with. Also, they get to bring a piece of their world with them, so i'll toss that out too. Mainly brainstorming for character ideas.

prince_rupert: Perhaps A rupert from a world where he became king instead of his brother? He could bring the armory with him.

          timsbooks: Tim Hunter who attended Hogwarts! No.

          what_stench: Uhm, uh... well... Nope, I got nothing for Sir D.

          not_death_eater: What if Voldemort won? Lucius wold be quit ehappy, and coule bring his sitting room with him.

          impulsivekid: It'd have to be Either a Bart who never became Kid Flash, or a Bart who never became the Flash. And he's have to bring a river or something with him.

          find_the_fourth: .... Yeh, no.

          kidzoom: Hmm... Thad who doesn't get killed by the rogues, and actually takes his rightful place as Kid Zoom? Or... ooh, even better, Thad takes his place as Kid Flash. And he could bring a room from the flash museum with him.

          whatawonder: Donna Troy, Wonder Woman! After the death of Diana in Fnal Crisis, and the well publicised 'Battle for the Tiara' that followed, only Donna Troy proved worthy to take up the role of Wonder Woman! And she'd bring a temple with her.

          lastczarnian: Heh, heh... no Lobo.

          poyoubastard: I got nothing on this kid.

          notaskrull: What if Hulkling had joined the Runaways?

          lordpotter: Harry froma timeline where voldemort chose to mark Neville instead of him? And he could bring, oh, some hogwarts room.

          ectnotert:Aahz, who got his powers back! Yeh, I'm stretching here.

          ka_click: Bun-bun remmained lord of the holidays, muahahahah!
    formofman: What if Jason Blood were permenatly stuck in the Demons boy? Oooh, that could be a good one, actually.

          mick_o_time: Not even gonna try.

          whoismatches: Stephanie Brown, Batgirl! She could bring the cave, even.
mushroomdaddy: Hmmm... I'm really wanting to play Daddy again... maybe he lost his arm int he final confrontation? And of course he'd bring his garden.

          killallbards: Nothing.

          lasombre:OOOH! A world where croyd was imprisoned after he went all typhoid, and he's spent the last however many years locked away.

          tommyhook: OC, can't use.

          brokenboredom: She's already an AU, technically, but...hmm. Vamp willow WITH A SOUL?

          vampindy: Oh, god, beckett.... no.

          winterladym:Why settle for being the lady, when you can be the Queen? Oooh, I like this idea.

          misterbunny: Heh, heh.... no.

          tallinspirit: I never did play him. Got nothing.

          1truebeliever: Bad idea.

          iam_jc: Jesus CHRIST! ... Never mind.

          kneelb4no1: As uperman who never found his way home from that laternate universe where the kryptonians killed everyone.

          gothymcgoth: I've been wanting to do this one for a while, but it's more possible future then AU, but... Warden Captain Carpenter. Sends chills down your spine, hmm? The only thing more fun would be Blackstaff Carpenter. Ooooh.

          notalayer:Buffy, Vampire!

          lalalabia:I think I might get killed for her.

          blackcompany1:Croaker, one of the Ladys Taken!

          youngprongs:James Potter, Death eater!

          kaschaos: OC

          not_robin: I... well, i really can't do anything with Tim now, sadly.

          mm_mitch: oc

          transbender: oc

          motherofmagic:What if... Harry Dresdens mother had lived?

          cheapknockoff:... i have no idea who this was meant to be.

          goodwillcasting: Hey, she's AU already! Willow from a timeline where she married Xander, I think that was the least of it...

          godofshiny: OC, i loves my Mort.

          fatherjackal: Oc.

          bloodycursed: Spike. Mhmm, Spike. Maybe, a Spike who's fulfilled the shansu?

          divisiblebynone:A non crazy superboy prime!

          emoreaper: Oc

          hammermeetnail: Captain Hammer soundly trounced Dr. Horrible, saving the life of his long time girlfriend Penny!

          horriblestalker: Well, she's pretty AU already...

          kidhorrible: ... no comment.

          burneddoc: OC

          stallionofsin: WHINNY!

          notsafe4kids: Heh... someone would kill me.

          froggy_baby: An AU kermit? Sound skinda... normal.

 So, whaddya think guys, anything jump out as useful?
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Update: [19 May 2009|03:06am]
So, I just realised I never updated here: Jen and I are all better. We fixed things up, and, in fact, are stronger then ever. Woot!
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... [26 Mar 2009|12:09am]
Anybody need a roommate?
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[20 Mar 2009|05:30am]
Somebody tell me an SCP Foundation panfandom game is a bad idea. so is just a plain SCP foundation game.

Also, heading into Lansing on saturday, going to check out the VtM larp at fortress. Cause, i'm fiendin.

And for anyone who missed it, the march 17th something positive? Oh yes, that's totally my question Randys answering. Boo-yah!
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[27 Feb 2009|09:44pm]
So... Scans_daily is dead.
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Birthday Bash [19 Jan 2009|12:48pm]
To all my friends in Michigan:

Friday, January 30th, I'm encouraging a gathering of people to meet at City Club, for good times and to celebrate me getting another year older. Anyone up for it?
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A little bit Bocca, A little bit me. [26 Dec 2008|02:49am]
First off, Christmas was fantastic. Nothing bad, all good. Gift wise, wound up with socks, pants, comic book boxes, D&D 4th players guide and two bamboo swords, for practicing our moves. My wife gave me crabs. (They are small and stuffed and will hang from my belt at faire.)

Another gift given to me was Boccas new CD, Goin' South. Now, we didn't manage topick it up this past year cause funds were tight, so this gift was a blessing. But the real blessing was a song I have never heard them do before, and that really speaks to me.

Ren Star:
I'm through with sittin around at my nine to five job,
In a cubicle next to a guy named bob
This life hasn't turned out quite the way I want it to be.
(Tell me what you want)

I wanna dress in tights without any hassle,
Wanna suit of armor to storm the castle,
Wanna find a fair maiden there,or maybe two or three
(Yeah, so whacha need?)

I need a pair of boots that'll survive the rain,
and a big guitar to play in the lane
Geta couple of sidekicks that can even make fun of me.
(So how you gonna do it?)

I'm gonna trade in everything mundane,
I'll even shave my back and change my name!

Cause we alljust wanna be big ren stars,
Driving horse led carriage instead of cars
yelling out huzzah god save the queen
There's plenty of turkey legs to eat!

and we'll hang out with the hottest wenches,
do a show and fill up all the benches
Every Nerd we can find is gonna wind up there
cause you know that they can't get enough of faire-

Well, hey ey i wanna be a ren star

And i guess it's that chorus there that getsto me. Isn't that really every faire goers dream?Get a show, make it popular, be one of those Ren Stars that you see up on stage? Be someone a little bigger then who you are, be someone, well, popular?

I had a little shock this fall. To me, stage shows are celebrities, you know? I mean, they get paid to act/sing/sword fight/entertain, that's what a celebrity IS. They filmed a Movie at MIRF, and Coco, fearless leader of Bocca, she of the wonerfous voice and huge... talent.. was an extra? It was mental WTF moment, cause here's someone who to me is bigger then life, doing the kind of job I wish I could do, and yet, to these Hollywood folk, she just makes another face in the crowd.


Jen and I are attemtping to put together our own stage show, for those who haven't heard. Privateer swordfighting comedy, under the stage name of Arrr Rated. (Name inspired by the Bonnie Lass) We have a script, (going into second rewrite as we speak), we have most of the props (have a couple of lines on combat ready swords) and most importantly, we have the drive. We have the determination, we have the god damn guts to try. I'm hoping to get something this year, but if this one, then for sure next. Hopefully one of the little faires, mayfaire and derbyshire, someplaceto work out the kinks. I havea modest plan, in that five years after our first show, I want to work a big faire, MIRF if possible, but who knows?

This is soemthing I know we can do, and I know we will be good at. I want to be one of the guys people remember, one of the shows the rennies qoute from. I don't care if to the world at large I'm just another face in the crowd. If i can be the guy that little kids go home and pretend to be, even if it's only for a couple minutes before they forget me? I'll be a happy man. Hey, hey, I wanna be a Ren Star.
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Damn it Evie! [15 Dec 2008|01:49pm]
You need to stop trying to seduce me in my dreams. That's the fifth time this month! A guy could get ideas.
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To anyone in michigan! [09 Dec 2008|04:11am]
This friday night, I am going out to the Necto in ann arbor, no matter what. So, anyone who wants to come out for a fun night? Please do so, i miss all of you.
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[03 Dec 2008|02:37pm]
See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die
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Dedicated to my lovely wife [20 Nov 2008|04:14am]
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Guess what? [13 Oct 2008|05:34pm]
As of today, Jen and will have been married two years.

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[24 Sep 2008|02:48am]
So,i had an accident, and the watermelon cordial is almost completely gone.

Damn it, it wasn't even ready yet
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Kaine! [17 Sep 2008|01:53pm]
So, I've been invited to co-st a LARP. It's gonna be Hunter: The reckoning, and, like your game, more using the new rules.

The kicker?

I've been asked this by Pete Fras.

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Things Skippy is not allowed to do at Ren Faire [12 Sep 2008|11:26am]
I'm sure many people have heard of the many things Skippy is not allowed to do in the army. Well, myself and a bunch of volunteers have started a Skippy list for Ren faires. Have a read through, and feel free to add on, if you so desire.

1)Not allowed to try and see how many Royals we can fit in a port-a-john

2)Must remind female patrons of the color of their shirts when attempting to recruit them to play Dueling Buckets.

3)I cannot do anybodies role better then them, even if I can.

4)Fifty inflatable (adult rated) sheep are not considered an appropriate coronation gift for the King of Scotland.
4.5)Especially not if I have access to a helium tank.

5) I can no longer pass around pictures of womans ankles to pass off as period pornogrophy.

6) Writing "Hi. -God" on a piece of wood is NOT a sign from God.

7) I am not allowed to encourage the audience in changing the script of a stage show, no matter how funny it might be, even if the performers approve.

8) It doesn't matter of Jenny Breeden did it, leaf blowers are not allowed on faire site during hours.

9)The petting zoo is not to be referred to as the "Scottish Brothel"

10) Shall NOT polish armored boots to a mirror-like shine to see up ladies dresses.
10.5)Female Skippies will not do the same to see under scotsmans kilts. That's what your hand is for.

11)I may not distribute small bottles of Bacardi rum to cast members, vendors, or the serious playtrons I see week after week.
11.2) Distributing them with my own label taped to the bottle bearing a cartoon caricature of me, clearly identifying myself as the source, probably isn't a good idea, even if it's funny.
11.3)Never drop one right in front of a security guard.

12)Shall not incite the pre-opening crowd to storm the gates before the opening cannon fires.

13)Not allowed to fall into the Queen's procession and begin loudly calling "Privy parade!"

14)Shall NOT setup cast member pirates, for my own laughs, who have scripted paytron interaction sketches...by carrying a small treasure chest with a rubber buttocks inside...and opening and displaying it when they say they want my "booty".

15)Not allowed to insert new lines into "ball of ballimore". Even if it helps out the performers who "accidentally" left themselves off. Even if they thought it was funny too.
15.1)Not allowed to... but still gonna!

16)No longer allowed to show fellow cast members my son's blue ribbon. In reality, said child was an anatomically correct cabbage patch doll in a shirt and kilt, and blue ribbon.

17)No longer allowed to use Yon Kilt Lifting Stick on pretzel sellers.
17.1)No, not even the mirrored end.
17.2)NO, not even a "little."
17.3)Still allowed, however, to carry it 'round with the sign reading "Smile if thou art not wearing any undergarments."
17.4)....NO, not even if they -do- smile.

18)Shall not take liberties with other women's playtoys.

19)Shall not forget to wear skivvies if I'm gonna be lifting my skirts.

20)Shall not chase down the "mustard man".

21)Shall not pop pills at Queen's Tea.

22)Shall not force loki on the unwilling, unless they just REALLY need to get drunk.

23)I shall not make a sign with the words "Free GRAB" and a picture of some pants and shirts on it...and then grope the ladies who come over wanting free garb but just thought I was bad at spelling.
23.1)Also I shall not use the excuse that "it DOES say FREE GRAB!".

24)Skippy (or Skipette) shall not pinch the bum of attractive men in tights because "They were asking for it."

25)I shall not take the fact that the man wore the kilt in the first place as an open invitation for kilt checking.

26)Skippy shall not deflower the nobles in public.

27)Skippy may no longer approach the uniformed security and invite them to a reciprocal pat search.

28)Skippy is no longer allowed to commandeer a stage with his brothers for the purpose of picture-taking whilest the next act is hawking the crowd.

29)Not allowed to pull the wings off of Fairies.

30)No unsolicited "motorboating"!

31)Skippy may no longer offer to help warm up belly dancer's ching-chings on cool days, even if they obviously need it.

32)Skippy is no longer allowed to bring home unauthorized souvenirs from faire.

33)Skippy shall not shout insults back at the 'pelt a pirate', especially if it make him break character.

34)Not allowed to taunt the french... no matter how far away I can smell them

35)..not allowed to sing "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER with the Germans anymore.

36)The rabbits names are not "Stew, Lunch, and Dinner."

37)The goat does not want some mead, no matter how much it looks like he does.

38)There is not "good eating" on anyones children.

39)I cannot walk around faire with a steering wheel in my pants.

40)Skippy is not allowed to make period-incorrect jokes about the results of a Google search on French Military Victories.

41)Skippy is no longer allowed to scream "GOD! SHAVE THE QUEEN!" during the parade, no matter how drunk Skippy may be.

42)Skippy is NOT allowed to excuse himself when talking to the mundanes by saying, 'Excuse me, but I have to see a wench about making a baby.'

43)Skippy is no longer allowed to march members of the Starfleet Away Team over to a group of lovely wenches and ask them to "Please fix this!"

44)Ask the newborns parants if they know who the mother is....

45)Talk with a hairlip, while in garb at the local M'Donalds before faire....

46)Tell the couple that asked if your were going to the Polish festival that you just drove in from Poland for it and then thank them for letting us visit your lovely country...

47)Have a nice mundane couple act like they are taking pictures of a couple of ettes....with an IPod...while I sneak back to the pub....

48)Sing the Gilligans Island Theme song and get others to join in when in hearing range of a pub show......

49)Take over at Matre De at Chef Wangs......

50)Skippy is no longer allowed to roll up to the Budweiser Clydesdales while in his motorized scooter with a stick horse attached (StudMuffin) and challenge them to a race.

51)Skippy must respond to an order given by the King or Queen with "Yes, Your Majesty," not "Ten-Four, Good Buddy!"

52)Skippy is not allowed to eat rocks

53)...hang upside down from anything

54)...break into song when someone speaks the 'word of the day'.

55)...help 'assist' anyone.

56)...free himself from 'jail'.

57)Skippy must be ever mindful of appearances when he wears tights with a shirt that tends to ride up in the front because its the only one that was clean.

58)Skippy is no longer allowed to act like the ambassador from the Ottoman Empire if he purchases a turban, nor to advise the security of his diplomatic immunity

59)I am not allowed to wear my normal kilt gear and then add on fishnet stockings, black gloves and heavy face makeup and tell people I am Frank of Clan McFurter ....You know, from the transylvanian scots.

60)I'm not allowed to wear my satyr outfit, and then ask every scot I see if they're my father, no matter how much my wife enjoys it.

61)I am no longer allowed to sell mundane children to barbarians as food

62)I can't roast children over and open fire

63)Skippy is no longer allowed to hatch elaborate schemes to relieve someone of half of their tail, no matter how much the skank deserved it.

64)Skippy is no longer allowed to kidnap the pirate flag, for they are willing to do *anything* to get it back.

65)is not allowed to form the sovereign nation of Spangland

66)Skippy is NOT allowed to complete the God Save the King cheer as follows; "God Save the King... God Save the Queen.. GOD SAVE THE KING FROM THE QUEEN."

67)I shall not advise the Queen, ion my capacity as diplomat, that unless payment of 5'000 sovereigns is tendered within 3 days, the Norwegian fleet will disrupt trade in the English channel.

68)... is no longer allowed to stand next to inexperienced newbies while playing Musical Men

69)Skippy is no longer allowed to offer his collapsible knee when it is down to Madge Estes, Escarlata and Welsh Wench.

70)Skippy should never, ever give the Queen a very small whip (nipple whip) and then show her how to use it on the King...very bad Skippy!

71)Skippy is no longer allowed to give Baron 'crib notes'.

72)-Even though The Swordsmen sing "Your kind donations will keep us out of your hooooome," Skippy is not allowed to ask them "If I donate, it will keep you out of my home, yes?" And when Skippy gets the affirmative, Skippy may not reply "So, if I -take- your donations, does that mean you will come TO my home?"

73)-Skippy is no longer permitted to run from a crowd of kilted men screaming "The Scots are coming, the Scots are coming! DEAR GOD, HIDE YOUR SHEEP! THE SCOTS ARE COMING!" ...Even if it -does- make the Queen laugh. ESPECIALLY if it makes the Queen laugh so hard she snorts. (This comes from a friend at a different Faire, not myself.)

74)-Skippy is no longer allowed to use her hands to "size up" potential crew members for her make-believe ship...The Nutty Royale.

75)-Skippy is no longer allowed to talk about the Mud Monsters that live in the mud and steal all cheese...especially if this causes a cast member to flail about in the mud frantically, trying to retrieve said cheese.

76)-Skippy is no longer allowed to give candy to the trolls lurking under the bridge.

77)-Skippy is no longer allowed to respond to the question "Does your lady need a rose for those?" with "Do you need a hat for that?"

78)I am no longer allowed to talk about King Richard like he was George Bush in order to drum up support for Prince John.

79)No asking girls in schoolgirl outfits (plaid pleated skirts) what clan they are, it only confuses them.

80)Can no longer ask the beggar if he would knock off the banging of pans if a generous donation was made. Heat, hat, headache, godawful noise do not a happy Skippy make.

81) give the cheap scotch drinking Baron good rum. this decried by the Baroness.... Amazing what 80 proof rum does to a persons 40 proof scotch system.....

82) Walk up to unsuspecting patrons and ask if he can get a picture with them (instead of the other way around).

83)Skippy is no longer allowed to casually drift in with a group of goth kids, grungy pirates, or similar, and start humming, 'I Feel Pretty.'

84)Skippy is not allowed to ask the goth kids "Why so Serious?"

85)Skippy is no longer allowed to scare the "inner city" children and their ghetto ass parents.

86)...is no longer allowed to respond to people with the Ashlee Simpson hoedown.

87)Not allowed to pretend the privie is actually a confessional.

88)Not allowed to exit the privie covered in blue food coloring and exclaim "how refreshing that was"

89)Skippy will not sneak out of the Louisville Swamp behind MNRF and enter the "Secret Garden" dressed as Swamp Thing.

90)He will not steal one of the earth moving machines from the gravel pit next to MNRF and try to park in the handicapped parking section -even if he does have a handicapped parking tag.

91)Will not wear a Tyvek suit labeled "Homeland Security" and chase the "Wacky Chickens" with a garden sprayer full of water and labeled Bird Flu disinfectant.

92)Will not present a egg dyed "robin's egg blue" to the "chicken man" of the Wacky Chickens and accuse his hen of having an affair...

93)Will never again the cover the stage used by the Wacky Chickens with Peeps...

94)Skippy will start wearing condoms...
94.1)Wearing them "as directed" in the instructions that is -as opposed to being used as balloons.

95) Skippy will no longer use camp as a way to lure unsuspecting Rennies to their drunken doom.

~May not dress up like Doctor Who and: (96/97)

96) Stumble out of a port a john and grab passing patrons to tell them that they have to prepare for the coming of the daleks.

97) Hang out in the privies opening various doors going "Is it this one? Damn." repeatedly.

98)Not allowed to join the rear of any procession while singing "OH EE OH, YO OH" even if the rear half of the procession has joined in by the time we all reach the front gate.

99)Nothing I say has been approved by any presidential canidate.
99.1)No, not even the third party ones.

100) I will not end public announcements with "This message brought to you by Elizibeth for Queen, because, let's face it, this is a monarchy, we don't really have a choice."

And the most important thing, skippy is not allowed to do at Ren Faire?

101)Skippy is not allowed to use this list as a checklist of things to try.
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[08 Sep 2008|02:42pm]
So, I think I'm done with the Teen Titans as a series.

It started after One Year Later, when we lost Bart and Kon. I was all "cool, we've got Kid Devil!" Cause, he used to be a huge fave of mine. And Ravager wasn't half bad. But then they gave us Tim/Cassie, and that was meh. But! They brought back Jericho, and not crazy! Sweet! Awesome character, mute, artisitic and... they stuck him inside Bizarro Superboy and we haven't heard from him again. One throwaway line about 10 issues back, and not even his sister talks about him anymore. Wow. Lame.

And things just... There aren't any really great storylines. They keep fighting versions of titan teams, and it's all Meh. Then, this last book... Wow.

So, Marvin and Wendy, brought in to save cyborg during one year later. Ahaha, good nod to the classic cartoon. And this issue, hey look, Wonder Dog! Who, somehow got on the island, without swimming, but no one questions. Yeh, no paranoia there, thank god. But, Wendy wants to leave, thinks her time is done! Too bad, but, well, she did serve her purpose.

No, wait! Cyborg thinks she should stay! She agrees! And goes to tell Marvin!

Who has just been savagely and brutally murdered by a mutant Wonder Dog. Without tripping any alarms. And Wendy goes for help, but the system sucks, and the heros are too busy training to notice anything wrong. And she gets killed too, horribly. Eaten even.

And Wonder Dog returns to normal, and flies back to his master, who seems to be... Ares?

Okay, that just blows. Why couldn't they have just let the characters leave? No need to kill people.

I just... I don't want this incarnation of the teen titans. They suck. Hell, teenage prep girl Raven is cooler then this.
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Dreaming [22 Aug 2008|01:26pm]
Ever have one of those dreams where everything feels real, but it;'s not?

Yeah, I had a dream that aubry and evie needed a place to stay again, and I was all like okay, but i can only let you guys stay here for a month, and they had this cool tent thing in the backyard to sleep in, but it was up ons tilts, and then we all went to the arcade at the mall and played some games, before coming hom to crash in one enormous cuddle puddle.

It was kinda cool.
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